Thursday, September 24, 2009

Short & Sweet festival

1. Cause of Breath
Main actress seemed a little off - I quite like the idea, the progression - was almost quaint. However the shades of delivery were absent; the 'freak out' at the start was followed by laughter so that I wasn't sure if the panic was badly acted or intended to be self-mocking.

2. Vienna Syndrome
Interesting subject, perhaps predictable presentation but entertaining nonetheless. Could have been punchier, played more for the humour/shock rather than the quirks of the characterisation/the marketing environment. Perhaps I'm missing the point? Found it quite static, no build or change.

3. Eastertoon
Hilarious, shocking. Excellent presentation, mix of melodrama/absurdity and self-awareness. Good storytelling, great acting.

4. Catch a Falling Knife
Perfect choice to follow Eastertoon. Well played, enough mystery and ambiguity to keep it interesting. Good subject matter, excellent closing.

5. History of the World in 7 1/2 minutes
Light, entertaining. Excellently played. Message/subject matter bored me. Hated the ending.

6. Cate Blanchett Wants To Be My Friend On Facebook
Expecting to have fun at the expense of Facebook, instead more of a dissection of Cate Blanchett - though I really enjoyed the worldly 'respectable' characters winning one over an airy actress. Fame turned on its head? Excellently played, although Cate was more of a parody than I expected. The manager I found a bit off, nervous/not connected to the other cast. Somehow thought-provoking rather than funny - only one thought provoked though.

7. That Old Mistake
Terrible. Potentially interesting subject matter made preachy. No point, trying too hard to be funny. Almost complete lack of structure. Loud, garish, nonsensical. Student play. Badly acted, disconnected from the audience.

8. Community Chest
Excellent subject matter, surprising, thought-provoking. Funny, presented well. Structure confusing - dream sequence at start not transitioning clearly back to reality, and the sequence at the end seemed to be another memory/dream sequence without warning. Too fast.

9. Sushiwushiwoo
Great fun, good heart, surprising but not relevatory. Good acting, good characters. Enough abstraction (accordion player) to satisfy me.

10. Five Black Dresses and a Lily
Cringe-worthy until there was cake on the dress. Dull content, some good characters, mostly bad acting.