Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Opening Ceremony

Howdy all! Welcome to What Meaning?! Please, come in. Take a look around. Make yourself at home!
What Meaning? is, first and foremost, the central hub for all things Draic. Here I can weave together the various strands and pages I've scattered around the internet. There are links to my deviantart account (art and photography), my fictionpress and fanfiction accounts (writing), and also to my BeyondPandora blog, which I shall be using for ramblings and essays that don't belong anywhere else and are often too specific or meandering to be of much interest here. Other links are sure to pop up as I create new (or rediscover old) aspects to my virtual life.
What I post here should mostly be artistically inclined, whether about other people's art (movies, photos, writing, books, music) or my own - or the posts themselves may occasionally be art.
But the other important facet to What Meaning? is that it is ideally dedicated to a search for meaning - within art, within society, within life. I will at times present pieces of life that have given me meaning and inspiration, and at times look to passers-by - that's you guys! - to help me find the meaning in other pieces (for example, what the heck happened in the last two Matrix movies?). With any luck, we'll hit on something profound - or at the very least, provide eachother with some exciting new perspectives.
So once again, welcome to What Meaning? I hope you enjoy your stay.